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Photographs by Adriano Bacchella
Text by Sisi Copercini Cazzaniga
introduction by Rosellina Archinto

Texts in English and Italian, 144 pages, 212 colour ill.,
hardbound with jacket
235 x 330 mm

ISBN 978-88-89082-42-3

€ 130,00

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Year of edition 2011

After the success of the books
Case di Torino, Case di Genova and Case di Milano
a new book dedicated to the interiors of
Portofino’s homes

A photographer’s skilful eye and a journalist’s curious pen were welcomed into twenty or so houses in one of the most international and exclusive places in the world. A unique place, forever a secluded retreat for intellectuals, financiers, industrialists and fashion designers, Portofino has been photographed in every possible way, but no one had previously had access to its houses, or wondered how life is lived by the people who have their home here or who pass their holidays here: an intimate look at the interiors of houses on the edge of the sea or in the tranquillity of the Monte, all with views that have no equal. Houses opened expressly for this occasion, to document where and how life is lived by those who have made Portofino their true home or have chosen it as a secluded holiday retreat.

The result is a very attractive, beautifully rich book, in which nature and the extraordinary panoramas are an integral part of the houses themselves as they merge and combine with their surroundings, taking up the colours of the sea, the trees and the flowers in their furnishings and decorations.

Adriano Bacchella, author of twenty or so photographic books, regularly publishes his lifestyle reportages in important Italian and international interior design magazines. By the same author, for the publisher AdArte, Case di Torino (2007), Masserie. Hospitality in the charming farmhouses of Apulia (2009), Divino Abitare. Charming hospitality in Monferrato, Langhe and Roero (2009), Case di Montagna. Vivere nella Vialattea e dintorni (2009), Case di Genova (2010), Camera con vigna. Charming hospitality in the Italian vineyards (2010) and Case di Torino Due (2010).

Sisi Copercini Cazzaniga collaborates on both Italian and international furnishing and design magazines. By the same author, for the publisher AdArte, Case di Torino (2007), Case di Montagna. Vivere nella Vialattea e dintorni (2009), and Case di Torino Due (2010).

Rosellina Archinto, born in Genoa, is a keen reader and publisher: reading for her is a world of great discoveries and a revelation of new talents.


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