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Charming hospitality in Piedmont

photographs and edited by Adriano Bacchella
Texts by Franco Faggiani
Preface by Arturo Brachetti

Text in English and Italian
224 pages, 180 colour ill., hardbound 235 x 330 mm

ISBN 978-88-89082-64-5

€ 49,00

Year of publication 2017

A new volume dedicated to charming hospitality in wine resorts

A gifted photographer from Piedmont – who is not only a photographer and not only from Piedmont since he is about to be adopted by the island of Elba – and a curious journalist from Rome – who is not only a journalist and who is also Milanese – invite readers to travel to some of their favourite places in Piedmont. From afar, they sorely miss the pungent odour of verderame sprayed on the vines in early summer, the heady smell of must in winemaking Langhe villages, or the natural and rather earthy tang of truffles. So, what better than to spend a few days in castles, farmhouses, manor houses, monasteries or even country cottages, previously abandoned and now brought back to new life with style and passion while fully respecting their old structures and original functions. This book presents forty extraordinary charming country hotels, in which guests are welcomed as friends.

Adriano Bacchella is author of about forty books; his lifestyle, interior and travel reportages are regularly published in important both Italian and international magazines (such as Case & Country, Io Donna, Elle, AD, Gioia, Elle Decor Japan, Ville & Casali, Elle Decor Germany, Der Smaak Italie). By the same author for the publisher AdArte, Case di Torino (sold out, 2009), Masserie. Hospitality in the charming farmhouses of Puglia (sold out, 2009), Divino Abitare. Charming Hospitality in Monferrato, Langhe and Roero (2009), Case di Montagna. Vivere nella Vialattea e dintorni (sold out, 2009), Case di Torino due and Case di Genova (2010), Camera con vigna. Charming Hospitality in the Italian vineyards (sold out, 2010), Case di Portofino / Living in Portofino (2011) and Case di Roma / Living in Rome (2012), Camera con vigna Due. Charming Hospitality in the Italian vineyards (2013), Mediterraneo Interiore. Charming Hospitality in the Italian countryside (2014), Masserie2. Hospitality in charming manor farms of Puglia (2015).

Franco Faggiani, journalist, has published reports, articles and surveys in dozens of magazines. He was the editor of various trade magazines, and he is the author of essays, narrative, biographies, guides and novels. For years now he’s been writing mostly about activities connected with this theme: economy, enogastronomy, sports, trails, professions.


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